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Tips and tricks to save yourself from these little monstrous creatures called "MOSQUITOES".. • Prevent entry of mosquitoes by installing screens on windows. • Eliminate all mosquito breeding sites and prevent water-logging in surroundings. • Dengue mosquitoes can breed only in clean water not in dirty water. Therefore, regularly clean your water storage containers. • Clean water coolers and water tanks frequently and keep all water resources fully covered. • Dengue carrying mosquitoes have black and white stripes and bite mostly on the knees, legs, neck and ears. Therefore, protect against mosquito bites in these areas. Wear full-sleeved clothes. • Use mosquito nets on beds while sleeping. • Create awareness about the spread of dengue in your locality. • Educate children on dengue symptoms and keep a close watch on their activities. • Do not accumulate old tyres, water tanks, tubes, plastic containers, etc. as they act as breeding grounds for the mosquitoes. For more info visit us at
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