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Pest control is the way you choose to get rid of insects, rodents, and garden weeds from inside or outside your home by using chemicals. KIDS INSECTICIDES (chemicals used to kill insects) ►What are insecticides? ●A chemical spray, powder or liquid, used to control or kill insects such as cockroaches, ants or flies ►What is insecticide poisoning? ●Poisoning happens when insecticides are inhaled from the air, placed on the skin, swallowed or eaten on food. ►What happens when insecticides poison someone? ●eye, nose and throat irritations ●headaches ●dizziness ●sweating ●drooling ●weakness ●muscle twitching ●blurred vision ●vomiting ●stomach cramps ►Where are insecticides found in and around your home? ●On floors where insecticides have been sprayed or powders dusted ●On foods left out on counters or tables while spraying or dusting with insecticides ►What should you do if you use insecticides in your home? ●Keep children outside of your home when using insecticides ●Spray in small spaces like cracks in walls, floors or ceilings, instead of on all surfaces ●Read and follow directions closely ►What are rodenticides? ●Rodenticides are liquid, powder or pellets used to kill rats or mice. ►What is rodenticide poisoning? ●Poisoning happens when a rodenticide is eaten, swallowed, inhaled or absorbed through skin contact ●Poisonous effects may result from a single exposure or over a longer period of time ►What happens if someone is poisoned by a rodenticide? ●diarrhea ●stomach pains ● Nausea ● vomiting ●coldness ●coma ●chest pains ●death ►Where are rodenticides found in and around the home? ●bait packs ●wax and bait blocks ●bait stations (bait boxes) ● liquid bait ►What should you do if you use rodenticides in your home? ●Read labels on the rodenticide carefully and follow directions. ●Store and lock any bait or poison out of reach of children. ●Buy and use only pesticides from your local store and avoid buying and using professional pesticides ►Did you know? ●The “-cide” in pesticide means to kill. HEALTHY HOMES = HEALTHY KIDS DETROIT PROJECT Funded Partially by EPA Region 5 PEST CONTROL HERBICIDES (chemicals used to kill weeds) ►What are herbicides? ●A chemical spray or powder, used to control or kill unwanted plants and weeds. ►What is herbicide poisoning? ●Poisoning happens when the herbicide is swallowed, inhaled from the air or gets on the skin ►What happens when someone is poisoned by herbicides? ●skin and eye irritations ●burning feeling in the nose and chest ●diarrhea ●dizziness ●vomiting ●muscle twitching ●cracking of the skin ●nosebleed ►Where are herbicides found in and around your home? ●Anywhere you have used a herbicide on plants and trees ●They may be tracked in with dirt and dust onto the floors of your home ►What should you do if there are herbicides in or around your home? ●Wash fruits and vegetables before cooking, eating or serving them ●Wipe your feet so that shoe soles are clean before entering your home ●Choose an old pair of shoes for outside gardening, and keep them outside ●Keep the herbicide in its original container ●Lock herbicides out of children’s reach INTERGRATED PEST MANAGEMENT (IPM) ►What is Integrated Pest Management? ●It is the combination of different ways to get rid of pests that is low-cost and less of a health risk to people and the environment. ►What are some IPM ways to get rid of pests? First ask yourself these four questions: 1. How big is the problem and do I need help? If you see one cockroach, ant or mouse, there usually are many more. 2. Where are they coming from? T Look for holes in the wall, cracks in the floor, torn window or door screens and repair them. 3. How do you get rid of pests? HEAL First try old-fashioned non-chemical ways to kill pests by stepping on them or using a fly swatter, or use traps like ant traps, cockroach motels, and mousetraps. 4. How do you keep pests from coming back? Don’t be a host. If pests can’t find crumbs to eat, a leaky faucet to drink from or a quiet, dark crack to live in, they won’t stay and multiply.
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